BarthHaas Hop Report 2020/2021

BarthHaas Hop Report 2020/2021

Each year BarthHaas publish timely statistics on global hop and brewing industries, as well as insights into the latest agronomic and economic trends.

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In 2020, global hop acreage increased but global production volume decreased. Much of this decline can be attributed to a below-average harvest in the US. The Aussie crop also came in slightly under expectation but was consistent with the previous year.

COVID-19 impacted the hospitality and brewing industries for the second year in a row. Thankfully, the associated decline in world beer production was only 5%, not the 8-14% that was predicted. Out of 172 beer-brewing countries, Australia was one of only 37 countries that recorded an increase in beer production.

The natural ebb in demand for hops has led to some varieties moving into surplus, while more popular varieties such as Galaxy® are still enjoying strong demand. Any surplus is likely to return towards equilibrium once the hospitality industry eases back in to normal operating hours around the world.