The European Brewery Convention has updated two of its methods: method 4.14 “Modification and Homogeneity of Malt: Calcofluor Method” and method 6.5 “Extract Content of Maize: Enzymatic Method”. They are now available on BrewUp.

This method allows for the determination of the extract content in refined maize grist and maize grist by an enzymatic method. This method was based using a Heat-stable α-amylase enzyme, the Termamyl type 120 L enzyme. However, the producer stopped the production of this enzyme. The method has thus been adjusted to a new enzyme commercially available.

The European Brewery Convention wants to thank members of the Sub-Committee Barley & Malt for their work, and specifically Mrs. Simona Floridi, from CERB, the Italian Brewing Research Center, Italy, for her leading inputs.

Updated Method 4.14 – “Modification and Homogeneity of Malt: Calcofluor Method”

This method allows for an estimation of the average modification as a percentage and the homogeneity of barley malt using the equipment commercialized by the company Phototechnic. The updated method encompasses new coloration condition as provided by Phototechnic before the passing of its founder, M. Oortwyn. Please note the activities of the company Phototechnic has stopped its activities. The necessary equipment can be purchased from two companies:

Furstenbrunn Limited
6-7 The Lodge
Rectory Farm
Marston Trussell
LE16 9TU
United Kingdom

Staedtler Industrieplastilin GmbH
EFA-Strasse 1
92318 Neumarkt

The two methods can be accessed on BrewUp, respectively here for Method 4.14 and here for Method 6.5