The Brewers of Europe Forum 2021

Sustainability is key and becoming even more important for the success of your business. This session focuses on three aspects of sustainability directly affecting your brewery: legislation, operation and communication. Drahomira Mandikova from Asahi explains how the EU is shaping policy through the Green Deal and how it is impacting the brewing sector. Jan Paul Rutten will showcase the motivation behind Gulpener Brewery’s mission to build the greenest brewhouse in Europe and what benefits that has brought to this family brewery. And as the saying goes: ‘be good and tell it’, Mandi MacKay explains how Sierra Nevada communicates its achievements to a wider audience.  

Drahomira Mandikova, chair of the Sustainability Expert Group at The Brewers of Europe and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Asahi Breweries Europe & International, will explain why green recovery is the way forward to COVID-19 recovery strategy. The momentum is greater than ever to set an example and to work together towards a carbon-neutral future and a sustainable economy. She will mention what it means for brewers and how they can work together at reaching sustainability goals.

Drahomira Mandikova
Jan-Paul Rutten
Mandi McKay

Jan-Paul Rutten, CEO of the Gulpener Brewery, Netherlands, a brewery that launched its sustainability program in the 90’s which led to a 95% use of local raw materials, will present his company’s activities based on the 25-miles principle and accompanied with a serious investment program that led to the opening of the most sustainable brewhouse of Europe in 2020. 

Mandi McKay, Director of Social Responsibility and sustainability expert, Sierra Nevada Brewery will introduce us to the Successful Sustainability Program of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Sustainability has been a core operating philosophy of the company, founded on the principles of zero waste, efficiency, and a deep respect for the natural world. The session will highlight Sierra Nevada’s investments in sustainability related to zero waste, energy, water, packaging, transportation, and advocacy.



  • What? Green recovery : investing in sustainability to boost growth
  • When? 1st of June, from 15:30 to 16:30 C.E.T – Add to your calendar